Robert Bartha | Keys To The Future

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1. Hes A Pirate
Robert Bartha  


2. La Fiesta Brazil
(feat. Franz Lambert)  


3. Hollywood Will Listen
Robert Bartha  


4. Paradise On Earth (Pre-Listen)
Robert Bartha  


5. Besame Mucho
Robert Bartha  


6. Dont Know Why
Robert Bartha  


7. Smooth Lounge (Pre-Listen)
Robert Bartha  




1. Maxima
2. He’s a Pirate
3. For Once In My Life
4. Besame Mucho
5. La Fiesta Brazil (Duett mit Franz Lambert)
6. Don’t Know Why
7. Night Fever
8. What a Difference A Day makes
9. The Greatest Love Of All
10. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest World
11. Brooklyn Blues
12. I Will Talk And Hollywood will Listen
13. Smooth Lounge
14. Paradise on Earth
15. Beyond The Sea


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